To be held between September 09 — 17, 2006, the international summer school is dedicated to the cutting-edge scientific area of climate change with a specific emphasis on a variety of its manifestations in and impacts on the natural environments at high northern latitudes. The school is an open opportunity for graduate students and young scientists (under 35 years) aspiring to enhance both their basic knowledge and awareness of the current developments in this area through attending plenary sessions and participating in dedicated workshops serving as a forum, at which the participants will give oral and poster presentations, participate in scientific discussions attended by the invited plenary session lecturers. The latter are both world-wide acknowledged scholars and most successful scientists of the succeeding generation in order to present a well-balanced vision of the current state of the art in the area.


Among the organizers of the summer school are the Nansen Centers in Bergen, Norway and St. Petersburg, Russia as well as the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology in Hamburg, Germany who are the 2005 EU Descartes laureates, panel «Earth Sciences». As organizers, these institutions are joined by two universities: University of St. Petersburg, and University of Bergen. The initiative is supported the European Climate Forum and the Russian Ministry of Science and Education.


The 2006 summer school lectures and discussions will cover a broad spectrum of the Arctic and sub-Arctic climate change issues including such as causal mechanisms of rapid climate shifts in the recent glacial epochs, probability of the ice-free Arctic tracks in summer in the forthcoming decades, the fresh-water budget change and its influence on the global thermohaline circulation, the evolving relationship between the north Atlantic deep water formation and green-house effect, permafrost forthcoming dynamics, the fate of the Greenland sheet and the adequacy of current cryospheric models, the expectable overall climate change consequences including environmental and socio- economic/human dimensions, the feasibility of satellite means in monitoring the occurring changes in the atmosphere, ocean and on land.

At practical seminars, the participants will be given the opportunity to evaluate latest modeling results and near real-time spaceborne data through both the connection to the World Data Center for Climate in Hamburg and access to NASA’s as well as ESA’s environmental satellite sensors like MODIS, MERIS, SCIAMACHY, etc.

Working language

The working language of the Summer school will be English.


The session will be held in Russia on the campus of the University of St. Petersburg located in the resort area, Peterhoff, the royal country residence, a town world-wide famous for its fabulous museums/palaces, parks and the picturesque rivieras of the Gulf of Finland.

Peterhoff is within a 45 minute driving distance from St. Petersburg and has good ground transportation facility.

Summer School materials dissemination

The relevant materials (plenary lectures, oral and poster presentations) will be made available on CDROMs for the summer school participants. The CDROMs will also be purchasable by order by any interested scientists.

Accommodation and cultural programme

The summer school participants will be offered comfortable rooms in the student dormitory within a working distance from the Department of Physics where the summer school will be held. The participants will be given the opportunity of going on two excursions to both the Peterhoff and St. Petersburg touristic attractions.

Application deadline and requirements

Although open, the summer school participation will be on a competitive basis and limited to 40 students.
The potential participants are required to provide in English both a 500- hundred word summary, a concise CV, and the attached application form duly endorsed by a university professor, head of department or equivalent by 31 May, 2006.
The required documents should be sent to the following e-mail address: Summer_School@niersc.spb.ru Att: Summer School
The posters should measure 1.0 by 1.5 m.

A registration fee of 100 Euro will be charged. This fee covers working materials, free access to copying, computer, e-mail and internet facilities at the School House, coffee breaks, two excursions and a get-together party. The fee will be collected at the registration counter.

Financial support

A certain number of support grants will be available. The filled in application form should indicate the status of application for support.

For additional information on the Summer School and on the financial support for participants, please, contact:

Nansen International Environmental and Remote Sensing Centre (NIERSC), St. Petersburg, Russia

Att.: Summer School
Tel: +7-812-324-51-03
Fax: +7-812-324-51-02
e-mail: Summer_School@niersc.spb.ru Att. Summer School

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