NOAA/Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory Physical Oceanographer position

The Physical Oceanography Division (PhOD) of NOAA’s Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory (AOML) is seeking a researcher with expertise in the area of understanding the ocean’s role in climate using both observations and model simulations.


NOAA/AOML is part of the US Department of Commerce and is located in Miami, Florida. AOML’s mission is to conduct basic and applied research in oceanography, tropical meteorology, and atmospheric and oceanic chemistry.

This research seeks to understand the physical characteristics and processes of the ocean and the atmosphere, both separately and as a coupled system. The research emphasis of PhOD is collection of in- situ data and the use of these data and numerical model results to increase understanding of a wide variety of ocean and climate processes, with the ultimate goal of developing climate forecast capabilities.

The successful applicant will have significant research publications in the refereed literature, a history of success in obtaining funding for research projects, the ability to organize and to promote research projects, and recognition as a leading scientist in the fields of oceanography, meteorology, or climate research.

This position will be filled at the ZP-IV or ZP-V level (GS 13-15 equivalent). For more information, the job announcement is available online at . At that cite, enter the Keyword Search «OAR-AOML-2006-0005» if you are a current federal employee, or «OAR-AMOL-2006-0006» (sic) if you are not.

The closing date of this position announcement is October 6.

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