Graduate and Postgraduate Opportunities in Arctic Marine Studies

The Centre for Earth Observation Science at the University of Manitoba is seeking at least 30 new graduate students, at the MSc, PhD and Postdoctoral level, as a major new intake of students to conduct research in a variety of Arctic marine system studies in Canada, Greenland, northern Europe, Eurasia and Pacific sectors of the Arctic. More specifically, our faculty seek students in each of the following areas:

1) Atmospheric and oceanic forcing of sea ice dynamic and thermodynamic processes

D. Barber, Professor, CRC,

2) Sea ice geomicrobiological processes and benthic-sea ice coupling

S. Rysgaard, Professor, CERC,

3) Geochemistry and materials science in sea ice related processes

N. Halden, Professor,

4) Carbon and contaminant cycling and process in Arctic marine and freshwater ecosystems

G. Stern, Professor and DFO chair, Gary.Stern@DFO-MPO.GC.CA

5) Arctic physical oceanography and linkages to physical forcing of the ocean-sea ice-atmosphere (OSA) interface

I. Dmitrenko, Professor,

6) Trace elements, contaminant pathways and mercury deposition

F. Wang, Professor,

7) Air-sea and air-sea ice exchange of trace gases and energy, with linkages to surface ocean and sea ice biophysical and biogeochemical processes and properties

T. Papakyriakou, Associate Professor,

8) Arctic geochemistry and inorganic processes linking freshwater and marine systems

(Z. Kuzyk,Assistant Professor,

9) Solar radiation interactions with the sea ice environment, linkages to physical and biological processes governing sea ice formation, evolution and melt

J. Ehn, Assistant Professor, ,

10) Biological and physical processes controlling the timing, magnitude, location and fate of ice and ocean primary production

C. J. Mundy, Assistant Professor,

Candidates should send a CV and letter of intent directly to faculty members (at emails indicated above).

General inquiries can be sent to Prof. David G. Barber, Director of CEOS,

Students will become part of a globally unique multimillion-dollar research program using state of the art instrumentation, various ocean going vessels and several field research camps around the circumpolar Arctic. Pay and benefits are competitive internationally and commensurate with qualifications. Details regarding application and deadlines can be found at: /570.html


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