Walter Munk: Local Sea Level Could Rise 3 Feet

Temperatures in San Diego have been reaching record highs and some residents believe global warming could be to blame.

A professor at the Scripps Institute of Oceanography said global warming is a real problem and San Diegans will see the effects in the next 100 years. By the year 2100, he said the sea level in San Diego could rise by 3 feet due to melting polar ice caps.


A 3-feet higher sea level in San Diego would have an effect on the harbor design and construction,» said Walter Munk, a research professor emeritus of geophysics. «The earth has gotten warmer in the last 50 years by about 1 degree, and much of it is due to human activity.»

Climatologist Larry Riddles says the evidence in inconclusive, however.

«I haven’t seen anything yet that would make me believe global warming caused by man is happening,» Riddles said.

In addition to melting polar ice caps, Munk said global warming could result in severe weather and longer fire seasons.

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